Google Chromecast!

The Chromecast is a streaming device created by google. You can send videos from cast enabled applications to your TV from your computer, tablet or mobile. Initially they came out with the first generation in 2013, the second generation came out in 2015 and then in 2016 they brought out the Chromecast Ultra.

You can have 2 chromecasts the TV one and the Audio version. The Chromecast Audio allows you to stream music from your phone to your speakers. I will be purchasing the Audio chromecast and putting it through its paces.

Chromecast is well priced, I got the standard second generation for €39 and you can get the Ultra HD for €79. Comparing to Apple TV and Roku it is cheaper and it is on par with the Amazon Fire Stick which I also own.

Unboxing Experience

The Unboxing experience is great, it comes in a light easy to carry box. Everything is packed in neatly. You get a small user manual, the chromecast device, a micro-USB cable, and a sleek USB connect plug.


For your €39 price to get the standard second generation it will give you up to 1080p HD which most people will enjoy and utilize as not everyone has a 4K tv. You can find below a comparison table between the standard and the ultra.


There is not a great difference, but for the extra money you can utilize the 4k, faster load times and an option of how you connect.

Set Up 

The set up of devices like this are always easy, once you connect it to your HDMI connection in the tv, you can set up using the Google home app. You can also enable guest viewing where anyone with a device that you can cast from will be able to send videos to the tv.

Using on a device.

The interface of the app in true Google style is easy to use. It recommends videos on cast apps such as; Ted; Twitch; Youtube; Youtube Gaming and Netflix. You will be able to purchase Google movies, it will show you editors choice, apps for movie lovers, apps for music lovers and you can access your device, she what is playing, control the volume and, pause and stop the cast.

You have a beautiful wallpaper on Chromecast that you will see on the TV, they have featured images by photogrpahers that will regularly change, you can see the name and pin of your device as well as the time and temperature.


Outside of the Home app, when you are in the likes of Youtube you can have a que function and you can also change the time in the video that you are viewing and pause the cast.

I love the queuing function, if I am sitting at my computer for the day, I enjoy doing setting up a que of daily vlogs that I watch just to run through as I work from my couch. It saves the recommended from ruining the flow of videos and it allows me to set up everything I want to watch for the day.

Browser usage

I installed the Chrome extension, to try and cast movies, webpages and YouTube if the site doesn’t bring up the YouTube cast button, I don’t quite like it, I find it quite laggy and don’t use it very often.

Browser Netflix works perfect as the videos always show up the Cast button, which is an issue I have had with YouTube.

Naming your device

You can name your cast device whatever you want, this is where you can be creative. We have names ours ”8 is a lot of legs David”

This is a private joke between me and my girlfriend, from a line in Love Actually.

So you can use this to have a bit of a laugh and anyone who decides to cast to your device will see the name.


I highly recommend using this product. We love it, we use it everyday and when we have friends over and you do the usual chatting about YouTube videos we can all just cast them so everyone can see.

The price is good, the set up is easy and the UI is sleek.

Please let me know if you enjoyed this and if you have any stories or experience with Chromecast. Let me know what you names yours.


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