Coffee Shop Moments (3)

The steam arm purged as I cleared it ready to heat the milk. The midday sun was beaming in through the big windows. It was a quiet Sunday afternoon, 1 customer in the store. I finished dispensing his coffee as a small woman with black hair walked up to my till.

I turned to make I contact as I passed the large cup of coffee to the customer.

‘Hey there, what can I get for you today?’

‘Americano please’

‘What size? – Medium or large?’

The customer blew up at that point.


‘I’m sorry?’ I looked at the customer quizzically

‘THAT ‘ She yelled. ‘That trickery you guys use to make us spend more money’

‘I’m sorry I said, this is how I always ask for it’


‘I apologize it is just small is our least popular so if someone wants it they just ask for it.

‘I quickly made the coffee small size and handed it to her’.

As she walked out she turned to me.

‘You corporate types make me sick’

It was the point thus far in my coffee career that made me stop and think. With my bushy ginger beard, and my coffee stained shirt, I feel like I was the farthest from corporate I could be.

The woman came in several times after that, I made sure the team new to offer small every time. She gave the same statement about us being corporate types every time, with our ‘trick sales techniques to get more money out of the customer’



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