Coffee Shop Moments (1)

The sun shone in through the window, I looked toward the heavy red framed door with thick glass in the centre, all I could see was bright yellow light. The breeze hit my face as someone walked out of the light and into the store, he looked rough, like a rockstar who had just been on a 2 month binge, a cracked leather jacked, hanging open to reveal a white tee, blue jeans and black biker boots. He squinted his eyes as he took off the black aviators hiding the green eyes and the experienced wrinkles in the corners, grabbing a bottle of water he slowly walked toward the coffee machine.

”What can I get you?” I smiled

”Ehm, espresso”, he stretched and yawned

”Single or double”

”Double, definitely double”

Sitting at his two seated round table with the little cup, saucer and spoon, he sipped the espresso, then the water, an obvious coffee connaisseur. As I stood staring at him, I was interested, wishing I had my notebook to write him down.


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